Report on the action of France in the Middle East –


"Protection of heritage", "reconstruction of destroyed monuments", "support to the educational network" of Eastern Christians, are among the proposals of a report given to Emmanuel Macron on the action of France in the Middle East, one today affirmed the 39; Work of the Orient, organization implied since 1856 close to the Christians of the Middle East.

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"Since 2011, the convulsions of the Middle East have had a devastating effect on the peoples of the region, especially those who have long testified to its diversity, its cultural and religious pluralism, in this case the 15 million Christians and the 800,000 Yazidis who live in these territories ", writes Charles Personnaz, external speaker at the Court of Auditors and missionary volunteer of the Eastern Opera.

"In addition to emergency assistance, these populations need long-term support to preserve their 2000-year heritage, which was the goal of Daesh's totalitarian fury. Eastern Christians, support for their educational network, which is home to 400,000 children, Christians and Muslims, these schools, for many Francophones, participate in the construction of citizenship, conviviality and the establishment of peace, "he adds.

Charles Personnaz formulates "proposals for the protection of written heritage, the reconstruction of destroyed or abandoned monuments, their restoration and enhancement, but also for a better knowledge of the culture of these populations in France, proposes actions to train teachers of Christian schools # 39; East (…), to consolidate bilingual French-Arabic courses ", specifies the organization. In particular, it proposes "the creation in Lebanon of a regional center for training in restoration jobs" and "the establishment of a fund that associates public and private partners in favor of Christian schools" in this area.

"Caring for France against Eastern Christians is not a respect for the past but an act of faith in the future"


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