REPORT: Tencent prepares to buy US or Korean gaming company

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Tencent is one of the largest and most influential companies in the gaming world. That said, it seems they don’t have enough yet and want to expand even further. We say so since, according to a new report, it would be preparing to buy a gaming company from the United States or South Korea.

According to information from TMT Finance, Tencent is analyzing a possible acquisition of a “gaming business”. The source assures that the company intends to obtain several billion dollars through debt in order to complete this acquisition.

The company that Tencent is supposed to buy is unknown

At the moment it is unknown which is the company from which Tencent intends to buy. That said, they assure that it is a company based in the United States or South Korea.

So the only clues we have to speculate on is that and that it would be a company with significant market value. With this we can rule out a lot of European and Asian companies, as well as small independent studios.

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For many, the safest bet is that it is Krafton Inc., the South Korean company that owns the successful PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Recall that Tencent has already invested in this company and even showed interest in buying it. In addition, it is estimated that it has a value of $ 27.2 MMDD, making it a company of the dimensions we are looking for.

Another important point is that Tencent has been very successful with PUBG Mobile and has plans to expand PUBG in different regions. Thus, it is not unreasonable to think that it would seek full control over Krafton Inc. to carry out its plans.

Tencent has a huge influence on gaming

We remind you that Tencent is a company that, for several years ago, has invested significant amounts of money in video game and Internet companies. It is thanks to this that it is already a giant in the gaming industry.

To give you an idea, Tencent owns companies like Riot Games (League of Legends, VALORANT); Digital Extremes (Warframe) y Funcom (Conan). In addition, it has a percentage of Epic Games; Activision Blizzard; PlatinumGames; Yager Development; Frontier Developments; Paradox Interactive and Ubisoft.

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Considering the success that most of these investments have left him, it is not surprising to see that he is already studying which other companies to put money into. It will be interesting to see what your next acquisitions are. We will be on the lookout and will inform you when we know more about it.

And to you, what do you think of this news? What do you think is the company that Krafton Inc. is supposed to have an interest in? Tell us in the comments.

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