Report .. The judgment signed by the consultation .. Between Algerian fears and an Arab reality acquitted Ahli


There was a great controversy over the appointment of the Tunisian Sadek Al Salmi as referee for the match that Al Ahly will play with the Algerian youth Al Saoura in the African Champions League.

Al-Ahli will host Al-Sawra Youth Team on Saturday at 6:00 pm at the Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria, in the sixth round of the Champions League group stage.

The most sought after title in Africa to win the game to qualify for the quarter-finals without looking at the results of its rivals, having retired in his group and in his team with 7 points behind the young leaders,

– Algerian fears:

The Al-Saoura club criticized the referee for his game against Al-Ahly after confirming the arrival of warnings from some of them about the propensity of Egypt towards the Red Club.

"We have received letters from Tunisia, Morocco and even from Egypt, these messages have been warned, we have no information on him," said Mohamed Zerouati, a spokeswoman for Saoura.

"According to our little information, this referee has already managed Al Ahli's games this season, and he also managed his last match against the Vita Club," he said in an commentary from An-Nahar's Algeria .

– The injustice between Ahli:

On the other hand, Adly al-Qai & # 39; i, Ahli's contract consultant, confirmed that the referee had previously managed his team's match against Al Wasl in the Arab 2018 championship in Egypt, which is ended in a draw (2-2).

Al-Qai i said through his "King and Written" program: "Ahli and the Arab League and the decision of the referee Sadiq Al-Salmi, and Ahli suffered an injustice among the first meeting, which neglected the calculation of the penalty fee ".

"We live in the same atmosphere of tension that preceded Esperance in the Champions League final after the accusations that the Algerian referee had been corrupted by Al Ahli."

– Good African history:

This will not be Al-Ahli's first appearance in Al-Ahli matches during the current African Championship: he has already appeared in two previous matches for the team, both in Egypt, and Al-Ahmar managed to win .

Al-Salmi played Al-Ahli in front of Jamaa Abe Guevara of Ethiopia in the second round of the competition in mid-December, while Al-Ahmar managed to win 2-0 with Nasser Maher and Marwan Mohsen.

Al-Ahli also beat Al-Ahly 2-0 at the Borg Al Arab on the Vita Club Congo, opening the group stage, with the case of Dilaris Kalongi of Vita, with goals from Nasser Maher and Ali Maaloul.



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