Report | The story of 6 beautiful photos in the night of the coronation of Mohammed Salah Balbalt .. A shot with the example and a summary look of everything.


The Egyptian Mohamed Salah won his dream of winning the Champions League at the expense of Tottenham in Saturday's final.

Mohamed Salah scored the Reds' first goal by a penalty in the second minute of play, while Urici scored the second goal in the 87th minute.

Salah, who did not hide his feelings after the game, describing what happened in the dream he had seen since he was a child at the age of seven, became the talk of the Egyptians everywhere and became his image with the Cup tournament most common on Media Media platforms.

Among all the post-game releases, we have chosen 6 fantastic photos for you, with the highest vision and admiration.

Where's Abu Trika?

After the game, Mohammed Salah made statements to the BBC Sport journalist at the stadium, which was crowded with celebrations and then asked him about Apotherica's post: "Finn Abu Trika?"

Mohamed Salah asks where Abu Trika after the Champions League final

The look summarizes everything

It was time to deliver the medals to the hero, Mohammed Salah was the first to advance by the Liverpool players to receive the gold medal and then watch the Champions Cup summed up everything and how happy he was to crown him after last year's final against Real Madrid.

The look of Mohamed Salah for the Champions League Cup after receiving the medal

Normal carpet

Mohammed Salah still stands out for his celebrations, which he innovates and tries to change a lot, but there is something that he did not give up after scoring a few goals, prostration, the carpet of today was after the goal more expensive than his career, even if it was a penalty.

Sajda Mohammed Salah after his goal in Tottenham in the Champions League final

A shot with an example

Abutreka was one of the guests of the analytical study of the game through the BN Sport channel with Mourinho and Arsene Wenger, after the end of the study and the celebrations, Abu Trika published a photo of himself with Mohammed Salah who was more fortunate than the admire the media.

Photo of Mohammed Salah with Apotherica after the Champions League final


We were watching the joy of the players and the coronation ceremony after the end of the game while we were looking for the wife of Mohammed Salah and his daughter Makkah and they celebrated with him the greatest successes during his football career until we found those sounds they have gained great admiration and spread after the game.

Mohammed Salah and his wife and his daughter Makkah after the Champions League final

Lift the cup

The most important and most significant picture is certainly when Mohammed Salah raised the championship trophy between great joy and great happiness that words do not describe

Mohamed Salah raises the Champions League cup


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