Reportedly, the Saudis have financed 500 rooms for lobbyists at the Trump Hotel


Between December 2016 and February 2017, war veterans were invited to Washington to oppose a law that threatened the Saudi government. They were housed in the President's Hotel for over $ 250,000, according to the Washington Post. At the expense of Riyadh.

"A Saudi-funded lobbyist paid 500 rooms at the Trump Hotel after being elected in 2016", advertising The Washington Post. Based on interviews and documents, the newspaper rebuilt six trips that were offered between December 2016 and February 2017 to war veterans at the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

These veterans were invited to the initiative of a lobbying company representing the Saudi government in the United States. Their role: to plead against a law that allows the pursuit of "Sponsorship of terrorism" and in particular Saudi Arabia, accused of having played a role in the September 11 attacks.

If the existence of these stays was known, the Washington Post



The great newspaper of the American capital is one of the most influential titles in the world press. Traditionally in the center right, The Washington Post owes its reputation to its legendary investigative work in the



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