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reporters declassified a possible suitor Uspenskaya – Rambler / news


Journalists declassified a possible boyfriend Lyubov Uspenskaya. The other day, the 66-year-old singer of the chanson admitted – she is in love again. Lyubov Zalmanovna refused to declassify her new man, but declared that she had been waiting for him all her life.

Many became seriously interested in whom Ouspenskaya was talking about. For a long life, the artist was married four times, but among other things, men took care of her on an ongoing basis. The actress never complained about the lack of attention from the stronger sex, but she didn’t say such loud words to anyone. Now Ouspenskaya most likely alludes to the 27-year-old Georgian singer Levan Kbilashvili. The young man was noticed at the last birthday of Uspenskaya: then the young man stepped on the stage and entertained the audience all evening with singing. Love valued Levan’s courageous act and declared – he is a terrific boy who “cannot be let out of the hands”.

Later, it was Kbilashvili who was next to Uspenskaya during the scandal with her daughter Tatyana Plaksina. Accusations of the heiress literally knocked Love out of the rut, and Levan tried to do everything so that the singer came to her senses as quickly as possible and returned to the stage.

“He simply surrounded her with care, constantly monitored her well-being, so that she would not forget to eat. He is a real man. And although they have a difference of 38 years, Ouspenskaya could not help but control herself – she disappeared like a girl, ”a source close to Ouspenskaya tells Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Rumor has it that Kbilashvili even managed to move to his lover’s mansion. The artist was seen near the building, which allows us to say that Levan either lives there or visits the second half. The singer himself has not yet commented on his connection, but it is possible that confirmation will appear later.

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