Reports of banging at Buckingham Palace

On Tuesday evening, a man was arrested at Buckingham Palace for allegedly throwing shotgun shells onto the grounds. This happens just days before King Charles (74)’s coronation.

It reports, among others The Telegraph.

Tried to stop the son

A police spokesperson said in a statement:

– Officers quickly arrested a man at around 7pm on Tuesday, May 2, after he approached the gates of Buckingham Palace and threw a number of objects – suspected to be shotgun shells – into the Palace grounds.

EGGCUSE ME?: King Charles had to be escorted away after being attacked with eggs – for the second time in a month. Video: Sky News/AP/Twitter
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A controlled explosion was carried out outside Buckingham Palace. The man was carrying a suspicious bag and his belongings are now being investigated by the police. No shots or injuries have been reported.

– Work is still underway at the site and further investigations are underway, it is further revealed.

Speaks out: - Much worse

Speaks out: – Much worse

The man has now been remanded in custody, and as a result of the incident, Buckingham Palace is closing, according to Daily Mail.

Neither King Charles nor Queen Consort Camilla (75) was present when the incident occurred.

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