Repsol starts green hydrogen production in Bilbao and Imaz warns: "Europe is going to lose the race due to its ideological closure"

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Repsol He has done his homework this summer and has arrived in October in a position to hit the renewable board. The first Spanish oil company has already started the production of green hydrogen on an industrial scale for the facilities of Petronor in Muskiz (Vizcaya), a milestone that until now had only been achieved in Spain by the electricity company Iberdrola, which activated its first electrolyzer in Puertollano with the help of Fertiberia in May of last year.

The alliance that Repsol and Petronor presented this Monday consists of a first electrolyzer (technology with which water molecules are separated to generate green hydrogen) with a capacity of 2.5 megawatts (MW), which is equivalent to a production of 350 tons of renewable hydrogen per year.

The project, which has mobilized an investment of 11 million eurosis part of the call Basque Hydrogen Corridor (BH2C)one of the clusters (strategic areas of production and distribution) of this clean fuel projected in Spain, among which are also the Mediterranean or the Ebro.

The idea is that this facility, which has been operating at full capacity although still in the testing phase for several weeks, will be resized in the coming years, first expanding to 10 MW and, finally, to 100 MW. To understand the magnitude, Iberdrola’s electrolysis project in Puertollano, also in the first phase of development, is considered one of the largest in the world and has a capacity of 20 MW, which translates into just under 3,000 tons of hydrogen. annual green.

The presentation event held today at the Ezkerraldea-Meatzaldea technology park in Biscay brought together the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkulluto the CEO of Repsol, Joshua Jon Imaz; to the president of Petronor, Emiliano López Atxurra already Anton Arriola, president of Kutxabank (entity that owns 14% of Petronor). In addition, regional authorities such as Elisabete Etxanovedeputy general of Bizkaia.

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