Republican debate in the US: five candidates seek to attract the vote while Trump entrusts himself to the rallies

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The five Republican primary candidates – Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis, and Tim Scott – debated on television on Wednesday and tried to convince Republican voters why they should be the contenders for the White House within of a year, and not Donald Trump, who was just 15 kilometers away, holding a rally.

Christie, Haley, Ramaswamy, DeSantis and Scott were at the debate organized by the NBC television network at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, which takes its name from the person who paid for it, the billionaire Adrienne Arsht, whose husband , Myer Feldman, was a confidant of the entire Kennedy family and, they say, one of the architects of Israel’s atomic bomb.

Feldman and Arsht also have a certain relationship – although indirect – with Spain. In November 2007, eight months after Feldman’s death, she sold TotalBank of Florida, which she had inherited from her parents, to Spanish Banco Popular for $300 million. It was the right sale at the right time (for her, that is). A year later the US economy was pulverized, and the Florida bank had exploded in Popular’s face.

Trump was at the Ted Hendricks football field, which holds a maximum of 5,211 people, although it was not known last night whether the former president had filled out or not. The five candidates to unseat the former president. Basically, he came to say, he was bored after watching the two debates, so he had decided, by coincidence, to hold a rally right next to his rivals. Of course, it is possible that that word is not the most correct. Trump has, according to the website specialized in statistics FiveThirtyEight, 56.5% of Republican voting intention; the other five, together, 33.2%.

With 66 days left until the Republicans celebrate the first stop in the primaries, in Iowa, all the fish is sold. Either Trump dies, or he is the candidate. And even if he dies, it could be El Cid style, if his family puts a doll to give rallies.

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