Republicans designate Jim Jordan as candidate to preside over the US Congress

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This Friday, the Republicans designated Trumpist Jim Jordan as a candidate to preside over the United States House of Representatives, immersed in an unprecedented chaos that has paralyzed Washington.

Congress has two chambers: the Senate, where the president’s Democrats Joe Biden they have the majority, and the House of Representatives, controlled by Republicans by a narrow margin.

The last leader of the lower house, Kevin McCarthy, was removed by a group of supporters of the former president Donald Trump. It was then believed that Steve Scalise could replace him to mitigate divisions.

But Scalise withdrew from the race on Thursday, just 36 hours after the party nominated him in an informal vote. He did it because he knew that he would not obtain the 217 votes necessary in a plenary session in the chamber to win the position.

Republicans preferred Jordan, a Trumpist, to Austin Scott, in the second internal vote of the week to name a candidate.

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