Request against the Google summit to cover cases of sexual harassment – News


The board of Alphabet, the parent of Google, has been reported for cases of alleged sexual harassment by two former executives over the past five years. The complaints seek that the search engine changes its supervisory rules to avoid future behavior of this kind in the workplace.

He also urges the directors of Alphabet to compensate the company so as not to break its debts and generate administrative expenses. The allegations stem mainly from severance payments to Andy Rubin, director of the mobile operations division until 2014, and Amit Singhal, head of the Google search unit until 2016.

The company's investigators against both managers found evidence that allegations of sexual harassment were credible. Even so, both Rubin and Singhal have denied crimes. The Chief Executive of Google, Sundar Pichai, has apologized in 2018 with the employees of the company for the management of cases of sexual harassment, but now must respond to the justice of the United States.


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