World requested to dismiss seizure of Minsal emails

requested to dismiss seizure of Minsal emails

The lawyers of President Piñera, from the former minister Jaime Mañalich and the undersecretaries Arturo Zuniga Y Paula Daza, they requested the Supreme Court dismiss the seizure of emails of the Ministry of Health, requested by the North Central Prosecutor’s Office, within the framework of the complaint for possible crimes in the fight against the pandemic of covid-19.

The professionals affirmed -through a document issued to the highest court- that the “performance of an entry, search and seizure of emails, which necessarily include the examination of reserved documents” could affect the “National security“, Consigned 24 hours.

According to the lawyers, the prosecution’s request is “unfounded” and “hasty”, given that it is “mere speculation.”

In turn, the representatives of the government authorities asserted that the seizure is “lacking reasonable limits and excessive.” “He The Public Ministry has not even made an effort to explain how and in what way we can face facts that could preliminarily be considered a crime”, They add in the letter.

The action of the head of state goes along the same lines as that proposed by the Health Minister, Enrique Paris, who denied the delivery of documents requested by the Public Ministry. “In the opinion of the lawyers, the required information compromises the National security since it includes talks made by the State of Chile to cope with the pandemic, such as the purchase of mechanical fans. That must be kept in reserve, “said the owner a few days ago sanitary.



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