required profiles, requirements and when the notices for 1,500 places come out

After the Local Police, a new maxi competition arrives in the Municipality of Rome: 1,500 new hires would be ready to be included within the various municipal realities. The thousand new entries within the municipal reality will arrive with the 2023/2025 recruitment plan. Of these, reading the announcement, almost all will be hired on a permanent basis. The new hires had already been announced two weeks ago, through the words of councilor Andrea Catarci.

The maxi competition for 1,500 jobs in the Municipality of Rome

Il big contest, at least today, sees the light. The 1,500 internal recruitments will be divided as follows:

  • 400 kindergarten teachers and daycare educators;
  • 349 administrative instructors;
  • 214 social workers;
  • 150 administrative officials;
  • 115 fixed-term technical officials for activities related to the PNRR;
  • 60 economic officials;
  • 30 psychologists;
  • 30 educational services officials;
  • 20 waste management operators;
  • 10 historical archive officers;
  • 5 drivers to be hired by scrolling through the rankings of the Employment Centre;
  • 1 IT and telematic services instructor;
  • 26 executives.

Career advancement for municipal employees

In addition to new hires, there will also be career advancement for 2,000 employees of the Municipality of Rome. Furthermore, this will also be followed by stabilizations for fixed-term personnel in nursery schools, kindergartens and social services. The announcements for individual profiles have not yet been published by the Capitol. According to rumors, the publication of the tenders should take place between the end of May 2023 and that of summer 2023. To stay constantly updated on the Capitoline competitions, you must look at the official website of the Municipality of Rome (Tenders and Competitions section), as well as then to the Official Gazette, where here the related news will be inserted with bulletins in the Competitions and Exams section. Furthermore, the Municipality has also approved the new regulation for access to jobs, which will standardize the rules for participation in competitions with those established by the reform of public competitions approved by the Government led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Municipality of Rome competition 2023, notice for 60 officials: requirements and how to apply

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