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After announcing it, the Municipality of Rome Capital approved the hiring plan for the period 2023/2025for a total of 1,500 hires (almost all) a indefinite time during 2023. It is about a series of tendersof which the first relating to the inclusion of was published 800 local police officers.

Below is all the information available on how to participate, requirements and timing. Here instead we talked about the degrees that guarantee more work in ItalyWhile here you will find the most requested degrees in the coming years.

The figures sought by the Municipality of Rome Capital

Below you will find the complete list of the figures sought by the Capitoline administration:

  • 400 kindergarten teachers and daycare educators;
  • 349 administrative instructors;
  • 214 social workers;
  • 150 administrative officials;
  • 115 fixed-term technical officials for activities related to the PNRR;
  • 60 economic officials;
  • 30 psychologists;
  • 30 educational services officials;
  • 26 executives;
  • 20 waste management operators;
  • 10 historical archive officers;
  • 5 drivers to be hired by scrolling through the rankings of the Employment Centre;
  • a computer and telematic services instructor.

“We will hire thousand new local police officers resorting only to municipal funds: 800 thanks to the competition notice published today and 200 by scrolling through the rankings of the same”, explained the mayor Robert Gualtieri. “It’s about the most important competition since 1999 when, in anticipation of the Jubilee of 2000, 940 agent posts were announced”, instead commented Marco MilaniRoman secretary of the Sulpl (Local Police Workers Union).

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Competition for local police officers: when and how

The notice was published from the Campidoglio and can be consulted online on institutional site of Roma Capitaleon the Capitoline Praetorian Register, on Formez PA site It is on InPA site.

The professional profile required for 800 positions is that of Local Police Instructor – Instructors’ Area – Supervision Family and for 60 positions of the professional profile of Economic-Financial Officer. It is a public tender with RC/IPL codewhose selections will be carried out for exams for jobs with full-time and permanent contracts.

The beginning of the pre-selective tests is expected in the second half of June and will be preceded by the publication of a database relating to the questions, at least 15 days before the test is held. They will be admitted to the written test the first 6,400 candidates and the relative ex-aequo. Whoever returns to the ranking list will win the competition, until all available places are filled.

What are the tests

Both the preselective and the written test will be based on 40 multiple choice quizzes to complete in 60 minutes. The candidates will then have to try their hand at the physical tests:

  • run of 800 flat meters to be carried out in a maximum time of 4 minutes for male candidates and 5 minutes for female candidates;
  • high jump of 100 centimeters for candidates and 85 centimeters for female candidates, to be performed within a maximum of three attempts;
  • continuous push-ups, a total of 10 for the candidates and 7 for the candidates.

Once the physical tests have been completed, the commissions will move on to the oral exams, which will take place in the autumn at the School of the Local Police Corps.

The requirements to participate and how and when to apply

The submission of the application form must take place exclusively electronicallyauthenticating with SPID, CIE, CNS o eIDASby filling out the application form on the InPA portal. The deadline for submitting your application is thirtieth day starting from the one following the date of publication of the noticei.e. the 29 maggio at 23:59:59.

Here are the requirements to be met in order to apply for the competition:

  • Italian citizenship;
  • age not less than 18 years and not more than that established by current regulations for retirement;
  • enjoyment of civil and political rights;
  • not having been excluded from the active political electorate and not having been dismissed or dispensed from employment in a public administration for some cases;
  • not having reported final criminal convictions for crimes that involve disqualification from public office.

Applicants for the competition for local police officers in Rome must also be in possession of the psycho-physical requirements and be available to the port and the use of weapons. You also need one driving license not lower than category Bwhich in any case can be achieved even before the eventual signing of the individual employment contract.

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