Research Reveals Sinovac Vaccine Not Effective if Only Once Injection – A person is recommended to get two shots of the Covid-19 vaccine, especially if the vaccine from China, Sinovac was injected. A study in Chile said the Coronavac vaccine from Sinovac would not be effective if only the first dose was injected. Because it does not protect the body against Corona virus infection.

Reporting from ABS CBN, Wednesday (7/4), a study conducted by the University of Chile found inoculation to be 56.5 percent effective in protecting recipients two weeks after the second dose, and 27.7 percent effective in the first two weeks. But for a single dose, the efficacy in the 28 days between the first and second doses was only three percent equivalent to the margin of error in the studies.

The researchers looked at the combined effects of Coronavac, which accounts for about 93 percent of the dose given, and the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. The estimated efficacy of Coronavac in living conditions is 54 percent in line with the results of trials in Brazil.

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Pfizer injections were estimated to be about 94 percent effective in an Israeli study. Chile has so far given at least one injection to 7.07 million people, and both administered injections to 4.04 of the 15.2 million population targeted for vaccination.

Like the rest of Latin America, Chile has seen a sharp rise in new infections and has surpassed last year’s first wave daily rate, with more than 8,000 new cases per day. “Getting vaccinated significantly reduces the chance of infection, it doesn’t eliminate it. Therefore you have to get vaccinated, “said Chancellor of the University of Chile Ennio Vivaldi.

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However, it is also clear that the first dose by itself has no relevant effect after four weeks. So that recipients of the first dose are still just as susceptible to infection as people who are not vaccinated.

The study also estimates that all populations are important for vaccination. Because the research results say there will be 80 percent more infections without the vaccine.

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Reporter: Marieska Harya Virdhani


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