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The Internet speed record of 178 Tb / s will not have lasted long. Achieved a year ago, it has already been dethroned by researchers from the Japanese NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology). They made a speed test at 319 Tb / s, doubling an already prodigious connection speed.
The feat is not so much in the figure obtained as in the conditions put in place, because it is obviously a laboratory demonstration. It is the first long distance transmission with an optical system at four hearts fiber optic, contained in a jacket of the same size as normal fibers.

For long distance communications

This experimental fiber of four cores allowed a multiplexing of the signal, by making it pass through several different channels, which makes it possible to increase the capacity of the fiber.

Since it is of a standard size, it is possible to make it pass on a longer term in the already existing infrastructure of telecom operators, while exploiting a wider bandwidth.

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Another peculiarity, amplifiers have been manufactured with rare earths for a significant cost but optimal performance.
The wavelength multiplexing system also relied on a 552-channel laser.
Finally, the cable was about 70 km long but looped 33 times, allowing a simulated transmission distance of over 3,000 km to be reached. It did not degrade the signal or decrease the speed.

The aim would be to replicate this system for long distance networks and large interconnections, in order to allow large amounts of data to be transferred quickly. It will therefore not be for direct use by the general public, but these creators believe that this four-core fiber can serve as a basis for post-5G, with even higher needs in terms of transfer speeds of large data sets. The Internet of tomorrow will be more efficient and faster, in one way or another, thanks to this new fiber and this new record.

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Source : Vice Source: 01net

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