Resident Evil 2: 79% of players prefer Leon to Claire and other figures


If you have launched Resident Evil 2 on your computer or on your home console, you may have granted Capcom allowed to access some of your data ingame to share them with the world through his site RE NET. Thanks to that, we know that few players have managed to finish the 1-Shot Demo, but now more data is displayed.

Resident evil 2 clear leon

As indicated RE NET, 79% of Resident Evil 2 players chose to play with Leon S. Kennedyagainst 21% for Claire Redfield. In total, players have already spent over 1,882 years survival horror, has traveled 47 million kilometers and fired 135 million zombies. The gun most used is the gun and more than 32,000 tons of bullets were fired. is though Leon it is the most popular, it is clear who has the best Killings / Deaths ratio, from 13.7, against 9.4 for Leon.

Other numbers are shared, as the most discarded objects by the players (secondary weapons come first), i tyrant traveled 7.8 million kilometers, e players have spent more than 55 years in total on riddles. It's a lot Like a reminder, Resident Evil 2 It is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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