Residents of Russia will see the opposition of Saturn

The night of August 1 to 2 will be a favorable time for observing Saturn.

At this time, the planet will come into confrontation with the Sun, that is, our star, Earth and Saturn will line up in one line. Saturn will be at the shortest distance from the Earth and will be as illuminated as possible. Thanks to this, the gas giant will be clearly visible to the naked eye all night, but best of all around midnight. And the owners of telescopes will be able to see even the largest moon of Saturn – Titan.

In “Roskosmos” remind that this month it will be possible to observe the opposition of Jupiter. The planet will be best seen on the night of August 19-20.

Earlier, astronomers reported that the night of August 11-12 will be the best for observing meteors. In an hour, you can see from 40 to 60 shooting stars.

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