World Resignation of the minister of Education Abraham Weintraub

Resignation of the minister of Education Abraham Weintraub

The now former minister of Education of Brazil, Abraham Weintraub, June 18, 2020 to Brasilia. — AFP

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro is going to have to once again reshape his team. The minister of Education, Abraham Weintraub, on Thursday announced his resignation after a series of controversies. The minister, 48-year-old, made the announcement in a video posted on Twitter, where it appears to the side of the chair.

In total, The government has known since the coming to power of Jair Bolsonaro, a dozen of resignations or dismissals of ministers, such as recently, the last two holders of the Health, is in full pandemic of the sars coronavirus.

A post at the world Bank

An economist by training, Abraham Weintraub, strong support of the president of the extreme right, announced that he would take a position “in the coming days” to the world Bank, and has not desired ” for the moment talking about the reasons for (his) departure “. But the causes seem obvious. Since taking up his post in April 2019, the minister has been the character with the most controversial of the government. He has made statements anti-china racist, had downplayed nazi atrocities, and called “assholes” by the judges of the supreme Court who should be ” thrown in jail “. With less consequence but disturbing for a minister of Education, his spelling errors have made it the laughing stock of the internet users.

Especially, the last episode in date : Sunday, Abraham Weintraub had participated in a demonstration of bolsonaristes radicals against the supreme Court in Brasilia and had received a fine of 2,000 reals (330 euros) for not having worn a mask of protection against the coronavirus, theoretically mandatory in Brazil, where the pandemic was in full swing.

The president keeps his support

The departure of the minister, therefore, is not completely a surprise. It was to be expected, especially since his incendiary comments coming on the judges of the supreme Court, an institution with which Jair Bolsonaro is presently engaged in a tug of war. The High court to hand over a number of surveys potentially devastating for the president and his family and the departure of the minister, has been seen as a conciliatory gesture toward it.

The passage of Abraham Weintraub in the department has been marked by large declines in appropriations to the federal universities have thrown away in the streets of hundreds of thousands of protesters, in may 2019. Keen to express its support to this faithful unconditional, the president spoke of their shared love of “freedom” and gratified his now former minister with a handshake and a hug.


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