Respiratory disease that attacks babies across Europe prevented Ronaldo’s 7-month-old daughter from going to Qatar

The youngest daughter of Cristiano Ronaldo, Bella Esmeralda, just 7 months old, the twin who survived in childbirth, is being attacked with a bronchiolitis, a persistent respiratory problem that has affected her practically since she was born. Therefore, the child did not accompany her mother, Georgina, and the brothers on the trip they made to Qatar to visit Cristiano Ronaldo, who was able to spend the break with the family.

Bronchiolitis is, this year, attacking in force, as MAGG has already announced🇧🇷 And not even Ronaldo’s daughter escaped. The child has been recovering and being treated at the family home in Spain, where he stayed while his mother and siblings traveled.

“We are witnessing a very significant increase in respiratory infections, and without a doubt there is a very large increase in bronchiolitis”, confirmed to MAGG Manuel Ferreira de Magalhães, a pediatrician at Hospital Lusíadas Porto and Centro Manterno-Infantil do Norte. According to the expert, this is due to the tripledemia we are currently witnessing, which translates into a significant increase in three viruses. “These infections are mainly caused by the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), commonly known as the bronchiolitis virus, influenza, flu virus, and SARS-CoV2, corresponding to COVID-19.”

Although bronchiolitis mainly affects children under 2 years old, babies under 6 months old are especially vulnerable. “The big problem with this disease is that it cannot be cured, there is no treatment. The treatment is time, it is waiting for it to pass”, says the pediatrician.

This is a pathology whose virus causes “an injury to the airway, resulting in a lot of secretions”, says Manuel Ferreira de Magalhães. “This pathway becomes very swollen, with a lot of secretions and the bronchi, which in these babies are already very small, become very clogged and the children are no longer able to breathe”.

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