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Information and Photography: Regional Metropolitan Council of Santiago CORE

The Metropolitan Regional Council of Santiago (CORE) – in its plenary session n ° 19, held on October 7 – approved an important project for our commune of Maipú. It involves the conservation and restoration of the Municipal Theater at a cost of $ 265,513,000.

The initiative, which will be financed by the National Fund for Regional Development (FNDR) administered by the Government and the Regional Council, involves the renovation of the façade, roof, floors, windows and painting; It also considers the acquisition of a new lighting grill and a retractable grandstand for 130 people.

“This place was not originally intended for a theater either in its capacity or in its infrastructure. It was a supermarket, a warehouse. However, due to its location in the Plaza de Maipú, it was adapted as a theater. Today, however, its repair is urgent, since it does not have the right conditions for the development of culture. Its roof, for example, is completely damaged and has been affected not only by rain, but also by pigeon and mouse plagues, ”said the mayor of Maipú, Cathy Barriga.

The current building dates from 1979 and originally housed the Toqui Supermarket. Today it has 2,700 square meters divided into two floors, with a main hall, workshop rooms and offices. It is located in the civic block of the commune, between Pajaritos and Chacabuco.

In this regard, the councilor for Maipú, Mario Cortés, pointed out “due to the size of the commune, it is striking that it has a cultural venue in this state. It must be repaired because many activities cannot be practiced in that situation. Given the importance of Maipú, the number of inhabitants and the limited number of spaces for shows and cultural activities, it is up to us to support it ”.

Along the same lines, the also councilor for the area, Jazmín Aguilar, said “it is important for the commune to generate a reconstruction regarding the cultural space. Maipú has always stood out for supporting culture, especially theater. We hope, yes, that access for people with disabilities or reduced mobility is contemplated. If we are going to generate a budget for this work, it would be important to have universal accessibility ”.


Both in the Education Commission and in the plenary session of the Council, Mayor Cathy Barriga expressed her intention that Maipú could soon have a Cultural Center. “We want to go further. We want to have a new Cultural Center for Maipú, which currently does not have one. We think of a multi-story building, with underground parking lots. We are working and we hope in the not so distant future, perhaps after the pandemic is over, to be able to make the design of this dream come true, ”he said.

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