Results 15.02: Visit for billions or fewer deaths

The Ukrainian delegation headed by the President signed a number of important documents with the Emirates; The situation with the coronavirus in Ukraine is similar to that of neighboring countries. highlights the main events of yesterday.

A number of contracts worth $ 3 billion were signed during Zelenskiy’s visit to the UAE

According to Vladimir Zelensky, in UAE announced their intention to invest to the Ukrainian economy, “after all, our black soil is known all over the world for its harvests.” In turn, Deputy Head of the President’s Office Igor Zhovkva, in a commentary to journalists, called the trip to the UAE one of the breakthrough and one of the most successful foreign visits of Zelensky. In particular, the Emirates state investment company Mubadala has signed three memorandums of understanding with Ukrainian government agencies to explore mutually beneficial investment opportunities.

Mortality from coronavirus in Ukraine almost halved

According to scientists, the number of new hospitalizations has stabilized… The National Academy of Sciences calculated that the share of positive tests has stopped decreasing; now it is: 19.9% ​​by the number of positive tests and 17.7% by the number of new cases. It is noted that now the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine is similar to the indicators of neighboring countries – Poland and Romania.

The first indictment in the Maidan case sent to the court

Charged with two civilianswho were put on the international wanted list for committing kidnapping as part of a criminal organization on the night of January 21, 2014 from the Alexandrovskaya Clinical Hospital in Kiev, torturing Euromaidan participants Lutsenko I.V., Verbitsky Yu.T., further premeditated murder of the latter, as well as for illegal obstruction of the meeting , demonstrations.

Economic contraction in 2020 was lower than expected, authorities say

According to preliminary data from the State Statistics Service drop in Ukraine’s GDP in the fourth quarter of 2020 it slowed down to 0.7% from 3.5% in the third and 11.4% in the second quarter. At the same time, compared to the third quarter, the growth was 0.8%, while a quarter earlier this figure was 8.5%.

Ukraine will be able to fulfill the 2021 budget without even receiving financial assistance from the IMF

The head of the parliamentary committee on tax and customs policy Daniil Getmantsev said that Ukraine has all the necessary resources and the ability to meet all budgetary commitments. Also, he called the negotiations with the IMF mission a negative result.

Zelensky inspects the Ukrainian pavilion, which will work at Expo 2020

The President got acquainted with the presentation national pavilion and exposition of Ukraine at Expo-2020 in Dubai. The Ukrainian pavilion said that it will work in test mode in early August 2021, and the exhibition itself will take place in October.

The average price of liquefied gas in gas station networks has overcome the psychological barrier of 15 hryvnia

Average price of autogas in Ukraine reached 15.08 hryvnia. So, in the WOG network, the product went up by 30 kopecks / l, to 15.78 UAH / l. The AMIC network raised prices by 40 kopecks / l, to 14.85 UAH / l. Also, autogas rose in price by 40 kopecks / l at Avtotrans, Prime and Avantage 7 stations.

WTO elected new CEO

world Trade organisation chose a new CEO – it was the representative of Nigeria Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. She became the first woman and the first African to hold this position.

The State Statistics Service announced with whom Ukraine is trading

In the past year China accounted for the largest share of external turnover Ukraine (export and import of goods and services) – 13.1%, which amounted to 15 731.3 million dollars. It is noted that in the first quarter the share of China was at the level of 10.9%, in the first half of the year – 12.5%, in nine months – 12.9%. Meanwhile, Russia dropped to second place.

OSCE mission names four “hot spots” in Donbass

Near 76% of all ceasefire violations in 2020, in the Donbass, four “hot spots” on the contact line were recorded. We are talking about the Popasnaya-Pervomaisk-Zolotoe area, the Avdeevka-Yasinovataya-Donetsk airport triangle, areas to the east and north-east of Mariupol and areas to the southwest, south and southeast of Svetlodarsk.

Stoltenberg announced plans to intensify activities on NATO’s eastern flank

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg intends to discuss with the Defense Ministers of the Alliance countries increased funding for military activities on the eastern flank. According to him, he intends to propose increasing funding for the Alliance’s core containment and defense activities. This, according to Stoltenberg, will support the deployment of Allied forces in battle groups on the eastern flank of the Alliance, the deployment of air police, naval deployments and exercises.

Unusual animals discovered under the ice shelf of Antarctica

An international team of scientists discovered under the Antarctic ice shelf unexpected variety of life, which turned out to be much richer than previously thought. During the observation, organisms similar to sponges and, possibly, representatives of previously unknown species were found on a boulder lying on the bottom.

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