Results in Quebec: 98 new cases; 78 contaminated laboratory samples identified | COVID-19 | News | The Nouvelliste

LThe ministry also notes that a reassessment has identified a total of 78 previously confirmed cases whose result should have been negative. This situation is attributable to contamination of samples in a laboratory. These cases will be gradually withdrawn from the official record, which Quebec places on Friday at 62,124.

No deaths have occurred in the past 24 hours, and one death before August 21 is added, but the total remains the same at 5,750, as an investigation has shown that a previously recorded death was not was not attributable to COVID-19.

The number of hospitalizations increased by two compared to Thursday, for a total of 117. Of these patients, 17 are in intensive care, an increase of two.

In Canada

There are 127,358 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported across Canada since the start of the pandemic. There were also 9,108 deaths.

Distribution of cases across the country, according to the most recent provincial and territorial reports:

– 62,124 cases in Quebec, including 5,750 deaths;

– 41,935 cases in Ontario, including 2,809 deaths;

– 13,476 cases in Alberta, including 237 deaths;

– 5,496 cases in British Columbia, including 204 deaths;

– 1,611 cases in Saskatchewan, including 24 deaths; – 1096 cases in Manitoba, including 14 deaths;

– 1,083 cases in Nova Scotia, including 65 deaths;

– 269 cases in Newfoundland and Labrador, including three deaths;

– 191 cases in New Brunswick, including two deaths;

– 44 cases in Prince Edward Island;

– 15 cases in the Yukon;

– five cases in the Northwest Territories;

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– no case in Nunavut.

To these provincial and territorial reports are added the 13 cases, all cured, among passengers repatriated from the cruise ship Grand Princess on March 10.

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