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LThe ministry also notes that a reassessment has identified a total of 78 previously confirmed cases whose result should have been negative. This situation is attributable to contamination of samples in a laboratory. These cases will be gradually withdrawn from the official record, which Quebec places on Friday at 62,124.

No deaths have occurred in the past 24 hours, and a death that occurred before August 21 is added, but the total remains the same at 5,750, as an investigation has shown that a previously recorded death was not was not attributable to COVID-19.

The number of hospitalizations increased by two compared to Thursday, for a total of 117. Of these patients, 17 are in intensive care, an increase of two.

In Canada

There are 127,358 confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported across Canada since the start of the pandemic. There were also 9,108 deaths.

Distribution of cases across the country, according to the most recent provincial and territorial reports:

– 62,124 cases in Quebec, including 5,750 deaths;

– 41,935 cases in Ontario, including 2,809 deaths;

– 13,476 cases in Alberta, including 237 deaths;

– 5,496 cases in British Columbia, including 204 deaths;

– 1,611 cases in Saskatchewan, including 24 deaths; – 1096 cases in Manitoba, including 14 deaths;

– 1,083 cases in Nova Scotia, including 65 deaths;

– 269 cases in Newfoundland and Labrador, including three deaths;

– 191 cases in New Brunswick, including two deaths;

– 44 cases in Prince Edward Island;

– 15 cases in the Yukon;

– five cases in the Northwest Territories;

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– no case in Nunavut.

To these provincial and territorial reports are added the 13 cases, all cured, among passengers repatriated from the cruise ship Grand Princess on March 10.

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