Entertainment Results of WWE RAW of June 8, 2020

Results of WWE RAW of June 8, 2020

Photo credit : WWE

RAWzumé of 8 June

WWE RAW Orlando, Performance Center

The commentators are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Samoa Joe.

– The show WWE RAW begins with the commentators that we welcome and present the events that we will have this evening. Asuka enters the ring for his bout with Charlotte, but Sasha Banks and Bayley come. Bayley says that everyone should thank them for their presence of stars. Sasha says that tonight will not be on Asuka. Bayley says that last Friday on SmackDown, they were defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to become the new champions team. Asuka screams in japanese and said that it is his ring. Bayley said that they can go wherever they want as they are the champions. Sasha told him to stay in silence. The music of Charlotte Flair begins and she enters the ring. Charlotte says they are doing the tour of the divisions as the queen, good luck. It is a matter of time before someone removes the titles.

Charlotte tells them to enjoy the light, but quickly, because she has a fight with Asuka, and people want to see this match. The music of the Iiconics starts and they arrive. Billie Kay said that the fight of which all the world to see is not tonight, but Sunday at Backlash. Peyton Royce said that it is a Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the titles. While this will be Sasha and Bayley against Bliss and Cross against them. Asuka screams in japanese. Bayley says that Charlotte has tried to ruin their friendship, but it is necessary to look at the result. Charlotte says that she doesn’t need a title to be important and in they are always waste. The Iiconics attacked Asuka while Banks and Bayley attacked Charlotte.

– Back after the break, the women fighters in their argue always on the ring, and the referee found the calm to begin the fight.

– Triple Threat Tag Team Match – Non TItle

Asuka and Charlotte Flair vs Bayley and Sasha Banks vs The Iiconics (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay)

At the end of the fight, Charlotte takes the tag on Asuka to show her how to do. Charlotte monte on the corner, but Asuka takes the tag and apply the Asuka Lock on Kay for the to do type.

Winners : Asuka and Charlotte Flair via submission

– After the fight, Charlotte is not happy and decides to hit Asuka, and she poses with the title female.

– We present a video of last Monday on RAW as the son of Rey Mysterio, Dominik, says he wants to get revenge on Seth Rollins, and an extract from its defeat in the face of Aleister Black, summary of the show here.

– Seth Rollins comes in and settles with the commentators then that he wants to attend the interview with Rey Mysterio.

– Return,


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