Business Resumption of activity at Renault Sandouville: between relief and...

Resumption of activity at Renault Sandouville: between relief and bitterness

It is indeed Thursday evening, May 21, with the return of the night shift, that the activity of the Renault factory will resume. Sandouville, producing Trafic vans. Its recovery procedure, launched on April 28 after more than a month of arrest in the face of the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, had been declared inadmissible and interrupted by an interim order from the Havre court on 7 May, after having been seized by the CGT union of the site. Finding that the management had not carried out a formal consultation of the representative bodies, the court had ruled that the recovery procedure did not allow ensure the health and safety of factory workers in the face of risk

We lost two weeks

After two proper summons from the CSE (Social and Economic Committee), as well as from the CSSCT (Health, Safety and Working Conditions Commission), the site management could announce, yesterday morning, after a vote by the trade union organizations ( FO and CFE-CGC favorable), the reopening to staff of the company’s grids. At a reduced rate, however, as stipulated in the recovery plan presented by management in April, this time adopted.

Before talking to the Senate about the Renault group’s savings plan in France, Édouard Philippe rejoiced yesterday that he [le plan de reprise de l’usine, NDLR] can work again on May 22 , highlighting the roots of the diamond brand. Jean-Baptiste Gastinne, mayor and president of Le Havre Seine Métropole, did the same, saying that the reason[avait] carried away .

On the side of the union signatories to the agreement, which also ensures that wages are maintained during the closure, the bitterness is palpable. Nothing has changed an iota from the measures taken on April 23, relieves Fabien Gloaguen (FO). This is proof that all this was caused for a simple administrative and not health issue. We had assumed our responsibilities through social dialogue. Management should have been able to work out with the CGT. All for nothing ! If not cause collateral damage. In the end, we will have lost two weeks. But it was mainly the temporary workers who lost them. With two weeks late, 700 families will emerge from precariousness by being able to return to work, while we have an order book for sixty days. Finally…

The CFE-CGC, for its part, by the voice of Stéphane Démarest, said to himself relieved “, while regretting having lost fifteen days. It will now be necessary to start again what had been started, in particular as regards training in a protocol which remains essentially the same as that implemented on April 28, the day of recovery. We will have to be all the more vigilant as this new recovery is taking place, this time in a phase of progressive deconfinement with its share of relaxation in the face of certain behaviors.


Faithful to its habit, it is to the employees of the factory that the CGT prefers to give the first of its reaction by way of leaflets. However, Monday, while the announcement of the takeover was looming, she persisted in producing a letter addressed to the director of the factory and dated April 13, in which she stressed the legal responsibility of the employer to ensure safety employees. Two weeks later, she took action by seizing the



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