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Resurrection of Al-Ghazi Othman H 22 Diriliş Osman Founder series Othman Ibn Artgrel episode 22 translated on the site of light

Resurrection Osman Episode 22 The Turkish series, the famous Resurrection of Osman, continues to achieve very high viewership rates inside Turkey and in many countries around the world in the Arab world and European countries that have become the same as the Turkish drama because of the series of wars presented by Turkey from the resurrection of Ertugrul and the last who currently displays the resurrection of Osman and achieved success Brilliant after 22 episodes of the series have been shown.

Resurrection Osman series

It is worthy that many episodes of the Ghazi series Othman bin Ertuلrul were shown, but the series was re-filmed, and it appears every Wednesday exclusively on Turkish atv, the site of the story of love, the location of light, the dawn channel and the Yarmouk channel, and we all know that the Resurrection Osman series has achieved brilliant success in Turkey and has become the first Attribution of views in Turkey during the first seasons of its presentation and so far the first season has not ended.

The founder, Othman, 22

However, the series is on the rise, and is close to catching up with the series Ghazi Ertugrul’s mother and Osman is the third (and youngest) of the sons of Ghazi Ertu ،rul, and he obtained the Ottoman caliphate after his father died, and Osman became following the path of a mother in order to achieve the great victories and established the Ottoman Empire and that With exposure to the struggles of betrayal from the aunt of Dindar and many who are present in the tribe in which he lives, and there are also struggles abroad by the Mongols, Tatars, the Crusaders, Persians and Romans.

Resurrection founder Osman Ibn Artgrel episode 22

The Ghazi Osman bin Artgrel series is currently on display in many different countries and the series is dubbed in many languages ​​as the number of dubbing has reached 25 languages ​​around the world, the most prominent Arabic, English and Urdu, and the events of the “Resurrection of Osman” series take place in the fourteenth century AD.

New home guide
The love story of the founder Othman 22 .. The series of the Resurrection of Othman, episode 22 translated on the love story website
Available The frequency of the Algerian El Fadjer TV channel on Nilesat to follow the series of the resurrection of Othman, 25
WaiTed | Resurrection Osman Episode 22 on ATV translated .. Who are the saviors of the founder Othman OsMan and the joy of Adib Ali from the vision

Channels broadcasting the series “The Resurrection of Othman”

And you watch the twenty-second episode on the Turkish ATV channel, and also displays the series through the website of the story of love and is one of the most prominent sites that display the series exclusively and the series has achieved great success since the presentation of the first episode. And eleven Saudi time on the love story site.

ATV channel frequency to follow Osman’s resurrection

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