Resuscitation with ventilator is allowed again from tomorrow • Norway releases last measures

In Breda, 32 pubs will remain open once tomorrow until 00.45, 45 minutes longer than the corona measures allow, writes. Broadcasting Brabant.

Although a number of measures in the catering industry will be released tomorrow, this does not apply to the mandatory closure at midnight. Catering entrepreneurs find that a problem. ”If at twelve o’clock every café in Breda suddenly has to kick the guests out, you have between 15,000 and 20,000 people on the street. That can’t go well. Then tensions are bound to arise,” cafe owner Farid Bricane told the broadcaster.

The later closing time has been agreed with the municipality. “It’s a way for the owners to protest against the closing times,” said a city spokesperson. “We have given them a one-off time for that. They can open for half an hour longer, with a 15-minute extension. Everyone must be gone at that time,” says the municipality. “Like the owners, we also question the midnight closing time.”

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