Retro Machina, a new action and puzzle game, is coming to Xbox One and PC

A new retro-futuristic action and puzzle game prepares its arrival on Xbox One (and of course thanks to compatibility, the latest Xbox Series X / S) and PC, is about Retro Machina. So, Orbit Studio finalize the details of a new adventure that will propose that we rake our brains to solve the continuous puzzles and riddles that our little robot will have to face.

Our protagonist, equipped with the ability to control other machines, You will have to solve puzzles, killing many and varied enemies, rebuild yourself and find out if there is intelligent life left on the planet. To do this we will have to explore a desolate and labyrinthine land while we overcome the harsh conditions of the environment, various traps and take control of deadly antagonist automata, all in the last city that seems to still stand: Endeavour City.


Retro Machina will arrive during the first quarter of 2021 to Xbox One and PC

The style of Retro Machina places it, as we already mentioned, in a retro-futuristic world that has been painted by hand, appreciating a great level of detail that reminds the artist of Futurism. Fresh Check. With different biomes to explore and different enemies to overcome, the game will offer a unique wrench-in-hand journey, with which to defeat our rivals or repair ourselves with the pieces we find if necessary. A title that continues to swell the catalog of independent offers that increasingly have more attractive titles.

The arrival of the title will be made through the digital store of Xbox Y Steam and PC, Y will be sometime during the first quarter of 2021. We will be aware of any news so that you can be aware of everything. Meanwhile, we leave you with the presentation trailer of the title.

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