Return in attendance from January 17 in CEGEPs and universities

CEGEP and university students will also be able to return to class from January 17.

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Prime Minister François Legault announced it in the evening on Wednesday, in a publication posted on social networks.

The Minister of Higher Education, Danielle McCann, had also met the players in the post-secondary network on Tuesday and Wednesday on this subject.

Danielle McCann

QMI Agency archive photo, Joël Lemay

Danielle McCann

Establishments that have postponed their return to January 31, or even later, will be able to keep this game plan, they were told.


The vaccination schedule was also brought forward on Wednesday morning.

Those 18 and over can make an appointment for the third dose starting Thursday.

In higher education, the vaccination rate is 93%, including staff and students.

Vaccination clinics could be offered on campuses in the coming weeks.

Quebec is also working to extend the distribution of rapid tests to CEGEPs and universities, which remains to be confirmed depending on the availability of kits in the coming weeks.


The National Federation of Teachers of Quebec (FNEEQ-CSN), which called for a clear and predictable game plan for the return to school on campus, came out “relatively satisfied” with this meeting on Wednesday.

Its president, Caroline Quesnel, points out, however, that the initiative comes “relatively late in the process”. “It is a management which is deplorable”, she launches.

Even if teachers want their students to return to class, several concerns remain about the management of absences linked to COVID-19 in the coming weeks, tempers Mme Quesnel.

“What happened on a small scale this fall is going to happen on a large scale in the next few weeks, it will be a big challenge,” she says.

Several questions

At the Federation of Collegiate Students of Quebec (FECQ), however, it is indicated that there are still several unanswered questions a few days before this re-entry under the sign of Omicron.

Students who have to go to class on Monday have still not received any communication from their institution, we regret.

Over the past few days, some CEGEPs have announced that they are postponing the start of the school year scheduled for January 17 to January 24 or 31.

Others, however, had not announced any change to their schedule.


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