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Who of the younger elders doesn’t know it: Monkey Island 1 or Monkey Island 2 → Characters like Guybrush or Le Chuck are not only unforgotten, but are still milestones in game history. Now in September 2022 the game is revived – and even with veterans who were at work back then!

Scene from “Return to Monkey Island”

Author Ron Gilbert was the inventor of the two incredible adventure games that, for those who remember them, are milestones in gaming history. With the end of the second part, the main inventor of the series also left the game company Lucas Arts.

Scene from “Return to Monkey Island”

There were sequels by other authors, but they didn’t quite match the humor and atmosphere of the first two games. To date, there has hardly been a funny graphic adventure without allusions to the punch lines and motifs of the two classics.

Scene from “Return to Monkey Island”

With September 2022, the tide is now turning. Three decades after the end of the second part, there is suddenly a sequel to the second part: “Return to Monkey Island”! Available for PC and Nintendo Switch.

And even more sensational: The game is again being developed by Ron Gilbert!

rnd.de writes: “The story revives the old motifs and scenes. Again it’s about the good-natured pirate wannabe Guybrush Threepwood, his much better half Elaine and the undead pirate LeChuck. The mix of irony and nostalgia ignites immediately. The story begins on Melee Island, the first location of the first game, and the constant encounters with old characters will send fans from yesteryear back in time.”

Scene from “Return to Monkey Island”

Unfortunately, there is no German voice output, you have to be content with the German texts. But the game thrives on its wit. Above all, every object description and every multiple-choice conversation is a vehicle for nonsensical and ambiguous comments.

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Website to “Return of Monkey Island”

The fascination of Monkey Island – That’s why the adventure series is so special

The Monkey Island series is one of the legends in the gaming sector. Especially parts 1 and 2 are among the best titles of all time for many. On the occasion of the surprise announcement of Return to Monkey Island, Felix shows you what made the Monkey Island games so special.

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