“Returnal”, the long-awaited PS5 exclusive game, arrives on April 30


Madrid, Apr 21 (EFE) .- Aliens, psychological terror, third-person shooting, an important narrative weight and, above all, a lot of action are the bases of “Returnal”, the expected exclusive game for PS5 that will be launched worldwide April 30.

To date, the followers of this new franchise have only been able to open their mouths with the “trailers” published on the networks and with the news that Sony Interactive Entertainment has been publishing in a dropper.

The last of them is that “Returnal” will maintain a 4K resolution and a performance at 60 FPS, in addition to being compatible with 3d audio and DualSense functions, or, what is the same, that this new space work developed by the Finnish studio Housemarque will make the most of the PS5 software.

But in less than ten days “Returnal” will be a reality and with it the story of the astronaut “Selene”, who, after a forced landing on the planet Atropos, will begin an exciting horror and science fiction adventure in which You must fight tooth and nail to survive and escape from a world that is constantly changing.

Through a “roguelike” game system and with an extreme replayability design, the user will discover, as the planet changes in each cycle, so do the objects at their disposal, as well as inviting them to reinvent themselves in each defeat and to face each other. to new challenges that evolve with each rebirth.

“Each repetition will offer new combinations, so you will have to push yourself to the limit and use a different strategy each time,” explains the company.

Improvisation in a game mode that is also frenetic thanks to intense third-person combat with “bullet hell” style shootings, as well as unexpected twists through diverse environments full of contrasts that shape that decadent world in the game. which bases the game.

Each biome on the planet will feature different enemies, with unique attacks, mechanics and appearances: “from organic and parasitic creatures that populate neglected ruins, through corrupted or cosmic entities that dwell in the sands of the Crimson Desert, to the mechanical automatons that patrol the ghostly abandoned citadel ”, says Housemarque.

Most of the enemies that Selene will encounter on her way will attack from a distance, so the clashes will be based mainly on the mechanics of projectiles and bursts of fire, where bosses, especially, feature a wide variety of complex patterns.

“Quite a challenge that will test the spatial perception of the players, who will have to use all the tools and movement options at their disposal to be victorious,” they indicate.

But, in addition to fighting, the game also offers an “arcade mode” in which the player must explore the planet, make discoveries, get trophies, avatars and make their way on a relentless journey where mystery lurks everywhere.

For weeks, “Returnal” has been available to reserve in its different editions and through the usual points of sale or through the PlayStation Store in its standard edition (79.99 euros, about $ 96) and in its deluxe digital edition ( 89.99 euros, 108 dollars). EFE


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