Two audios of former agents of the AFI bring more emotion to the complaint about illegal spying conducted by the comptroller Cristina Caamaño. In both, the protagonist is the agent known by the name of Alan Ruiz, which has details of two “operations” that had as objective, among others, senator Juan Carlos Marino.

According to audio that aired Rolando Graña on A24Ruiz acknowledges have been involved with coverage of judicial power in a operating in the Institute Homeland and in other cases. “We have sometimes a lot of quilombo because the operations that we do with the coverage of court of any court. So got the car (the vehicle parked outside of the Homeland), the got into a cause. The judge Villenas we put together a ‘coso’ and got many tasks together, I got into a writing. Mix everything and to fuck,” he says in the audio that is spread Graña.

But other of the audio disturbing is that Ruiz recognizes that sectors of radicalism did an operation to sully senator Marino, of that party, to download from the candidacy for governor. “The thing was, the chabon (former secretary of Sports, Carlos Mac Allister has called a consulting firm to be measured as the governor of La Pampa. Between the possible outcomes it seems that Marino was one of the types that most measured of radicalism and surgery radical. There you point to the Coti (for this area). He had surgery there, did shit,” says Ruiz in that audio.

Longobardi, Lejtman and the full list of 500 new spied

Marino had been reported for sexual harassment. The complaint was investigated and dismissed. But it took a Marine to hide from the public opinion for a long time, in the midst of the election year. The case for Marine arrived just days before the general election, in October of 2019. Graña told in his program that Marino said he will be asked to be a plaintiff in the cause.

The audio where you can hear the operation at Sea

In the audio, broadcast by Graña this Sunday, the agent mentions Silvia Majdalanithat during the presidency of Mauricio Macri it was the second-in-command in the AFI.

These audios arising in the context of several complaints filed by the intervener current of the Intelligence Agency, which exposes monitoring of journalists, unionists, academics and political leaders of all parties.

Another audio with more details of illegal operations:



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