Revealed the new value of diesel from Friday (5)

The value of Diesel transferred to distributors went from R$5.61 to R$5.41. Therefore, the drop in price was BRL 0.20

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Last Thursday (4), Petrobras announced the reduction in the value of diesel “A”. In this way, the amount transferred to distributors went from R$5.61 to R$5.41. Therefore, the drop in the price of diesel was R$ 0.20. This new reduction came into effect this Friday (5). The last time the price of fuel dropped was more than a year ago, on May 1, 2021.

However, only the price of diesel was changed, while other fuels continued to be passed on by Petrobras at the same value.

Since July 2021, the price of diesel has gone through numerous highs. Thus, in June 2022 the fuel was sold for an average of R$ 5.61 per liter. Diesel is mainly used to fuel cargo vehicles such as trucks.

After a series of pressures from the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) on Petrobras, the decrease was BRL 0.20, which corresponds to a drop of 3.56%. There is great interest on the part of the president in reducing the price of diesel oil, as he is seeking re-election and especially wants to please truck drivers.

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According to Petrobras, the stability of quotations on the international market made it possible to reduce the value of diesel to be passed on to distributors. Thus, when stabilizing, the values ​​remained at a “lower level”, allowing a decrease in the price charged for the product.

In early June, the price of a barrel of the Brent type was sold at around US$ 120.00, now it is close to US$ 95.00. Therefore, the reduction was almost 21% in two months. Due to slower global growth, and a possible recession in the United States.

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Oil Price

After suffering a sharp rise due to the war in Ukraine, the price of diesel on the international market has fallen. In a note, Petrobras said that the decrease in the price of diesel “is consistent with Petrobras’ pricing practice, which seeks to balance its prices with the global market”.

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