Revealing Reasons for Selling NFT Selfie Photos, Ghozali: It’s Funny Why I Have My Face : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali or known Ghozali Everyday revealed the reason for deciding to put his selfie photo into NFT. He said this when he answered a question from the President Director of Prestige Motorcars, Rudy Salim.

“Yes, I saw that the NFT market only contained illustrations. Then I experimented why I didn’t upload my photo on NFT. Yes, it’s funny if there are a lot of good collections, how come I have my face, haha,” said Ghozali to Rudy Salim on Youtube Prestige Production, quoted Tuesday (25/1/2022).

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Then, Rudy also asked about the flat expression that is always depicted in Ghozali’s selfie photos. The man who was born in Semarang, Central Java revealed that it had been conceptualized from the start.

“Yes, it was conceptualized from the start, wanted to make it like that,” said Ghozali.

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Furthermore, Ghozali said that he was not afraid that one day his NFT selfies would not sell as well as they are now. Ghozali’s initial goal was not specifically to sell the photo.

“The goal is, from the start, it doesn’t sell well, it doesn’t matter,” he said.

For information, NFT is a digital asset based on blockchain technology that is currently popular in the crypto world. The reason, the value can reach tens of millions of USD. For the most part, NFTs are traded using ether (ETH), the coin created by Ethereum.

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