Entertainment REVIEW: Eva Toulová's third film is neither romantic nor...

REVIEW: Eva Toulová’s third film is neither romantic nor comedy

Ratings from both reviewers and users of film portals were overwhelming in both cases, and as far as viewers were concerned, a total of 600 came to the first film (according to the Film Distributors’ Union on 30 June 2020) and 1309 to the second, which corresponds to coronavirus crisis, not six or four years before.

Nevertheless, Toulová managed to raise money for Casting for Love, which he describes as a romantic comedy, but above all it shows that in the inability to write and make films that would meet basic professional parameters, it has moved practically nowhere.

She put the theme together with the lead actress Tereza Němcová-Petrášková and a man of many professions, cameraman, editor and producer Pavel Mědílek.

She then made a story out of the theme, which was supposed to be romantic and funny. Unfortunately, neither is the other, he’s just almost incredibly stupid.

Stela Nebeská (Petrášková) is an actress who claims to have the best profession in the world, even though she has been circulating, mostly in vain, acting auditions and she has lost her engagement in theater before she is in her forties.

At the same time, she has her worst husband (Martin Sitta) under the sun. He cheats on her, and worse, he tells her that she should go to the cinema to see real actresses someday. Bingo.

Stela decides to prove to the unbeliever that she too can have tenants on each finger, and begins to hold her own casting – for love. By getting acquainted with the line of men, he comes to the conclusion that they are all beasts, but then the real one comes (Jan Řezníček). She doesn’t mind anything, and at least “the few extra pounds” (it would be more accurate to say “the extra 60 pounds”), and then, through a few unappealing vicissitudes, she comes to everything she didn’t know she wanted.

The plot is “built” so that the viewer in each scene knows both what will happen in the next second or what someone will say, and so that he remembers it properly: practically everything is the least doubled.

When Stela understands who she loves, she goes through all the places where two people can be happy together in an endless sequence. Floods of flowers, kisses and laughing days will only disrupt the meeting with the main actor’s sock (Zuska Velichová), who cries out loud and long in the toilets, because she is already skipped by younger and more beautiful adepts at auditions.

There can be no question of humor unless you think Stella’s funny wisdom: “I never needed to be proud of being a successful actress, I always just wanted you to be happy.”

The American film would be followed by “I love you, daddy, I love you too”, but here we are in the Czech Republic, so after all the caroms and falls comes an “unexpected” success in the form of a leading role in a foreign film and the associated one-year stay in England. . Will Stela decide for a career or for love? Everyone can guess only once, because they can guess reliably.

It was filmed without a sense of timing, they didn’t say scoring, the main speeches of the main character are invaluable, and the selection of actors probably took place in the style of “who was walking around”.

And so in mostly embarrassing situations, Jan Čenský presents himself as a limousine driver, whose role consists mainly in stating / asking “It must be amazing to be an actress, huh?”, Igor Bareš or Lukáš Langmajer as suitors, Valérie Zawadská, Zdeněk Maryška and others. , while the performance of most of them is rather shy, which is not always and necessarily their fault. The standard quality is perhaps only fulfilled by the singing of Dashi, which accompanies the film with songs that still illustrate what is happening on the screen for those particularly ingenious.

Casting for love is just another example of the fact that in the Czech Republic, really anyone can make films, regardless of talent and creative ability, because only money is important, and most providers of sponsorship products and money do not know if the project has a chance to succeed.

Casting for love
Czechia 2020, 83 min. Directed by: Eva Toulová, starring: Tereza Němcová-Petrášková, Martin Sitta, Jan Řezníček, Zuska Velichová and others


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