Review | Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, a team that meets its powerful proposal

When you access a cell phone like him Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, especially considering its cost, what you hope is to find the best features on the market. In that sense, the proposal of this device fully fulfills the promise of fighting at the top of the gigantic and varied mountain of existing Android smartphones.

But although this is definitely one of the best devices available this year in terms of its powerful base technical specifications, which have an Exynos 990 processor and 8GB of RAM, it is also in terms of its features such as a multitasking team.

Not for nothing is this smartphone designed to meet all the productivity needs of a user who does not settle for even a traditional high-end equipment. If they want more, then more is what they will have with the Note.

Before we get on the pitch, let’s address the specs of the big three consumer interests:

  • screen: 6.9 inches WQHD + resolution and 120Hz refresh rate
  • Cameras: 10MP front and a rear system with a 108 MP main, 12 MP Ultra wide angle, 12 MP telephoto
  • Drums: 4,500mAh

The Note 20 Ultra that we reviewed, and which has some inferior performance characteristics compared to what the company itself released for the United States, has an attractive color layer baptized as Mystic Bronze, which gives it an elegant appearance.

But on first impression it definitely stands out even more for its remarkable screen. This is a piece that does not have edges and that looks better than any other smartphone, courtesy of its 120Hz refresh rate.

With the promise of a 25% increase in brightness than displayed, this display looks sharp, has vivid colors and is a real treat. Hence, there is not but one that I can think of with a presentation display at the highest level. And if you add your excellent work with the speakers, you will have as a result a team designed for the consumption of videos and multimedia in general.

The team also has a system of three rear cameras (Ultrawide and 12 MP telephoto, along with a 108 MP main camera) that are located in an excessively prominent module, but that really does not bother in day to day. In fact, the important thing is that you get remarkable results in your shots, even if you rarely use a 50X digital zoom like the one this equipment delivers.

Not to mention the notable improvements it has in its night mode capture, which is automatically activated when the cell phone notices that there is low light, or its photographic application interface that is completely enjoyable. If your thing is to capture piece photos, here you will have a wide range of possibilities, with each one being taken in a solid way. To put it even more in perspective, this is definitely the best device that Samsung has released to date.

Here are some examples of captures.

Wide angle

Dynamic focus

Night mode

Looking for the fifth leg of the cat, and always considering that there are teams from other companies that are even more excessive in their photographic proposals, it can also be said that the most fussy eyes can notice that its digital enhancements aggressively smooth out texturesespecially in low light conditions. But having said that, his photographs fulfill everything one expects from such a powerful team.

And of course, the general public always expects bright photos and colors a little more saturated … and that is precisely what they will get.

Beyond the main concerns that most users have, and I will also emphasize that they will not have any problem to run even the most demanding video game, the great plus of this smartphone is represented by its working system with the stylus called “S Pen”, which this time is located on the lower left side.

This element has improvements in its response time, so you will feel that you are almost writing as on paper, but it also allows you to dump your proposal in multiple ways, whether you want to write notes quickly, take photos from a distance or generate quickly something as simple as selecting a segment of the screen to get a snapshot.

For example, one of the most striking involves the Samsung Notes application, since when creating a new document, you have the ability to synchronize a voice recording with what notes you take, which certainly has a plus both for students who need to generate annotations during a class. And that’s just one of the many tasks you can handle with the stylus.

The company also added a series of gestures that work as shortcuts to various fully configurable actions for each user when using the S-Pen. In my case, I used styles very little at the beginning of the tests, but later I used it much more often when I got used to the team’s proposal.

To finish, and as always you have to at least name a couple of buts, I should still emphasize that its fast charging system is not that fast as could be expected for a team of these benefits, added to the fact that the battery is not monstrous as it should. Another not minor fact for some consumers: it does not have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack either.

But anyway I must emphasize that Samsung promote this line of equipment as their “Powerphones” and the Note 20 Ultra meets absolutely everything that one expects from a device that is really powerful and justifies its high cost. Today it is one of the best Android devices that you can come across.

He Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra It is now available. The official store of the company in Chile lists it at a cost of $ 1,199,990 Chilean pesos.

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