Revocation proceedings against Michael Lauber

The noose tightens around the Attorney General of the Confederation Michael Lauber. The Parliament’s Judicial Committee decided Wednesday by 13 votes to 4 to open a revocation procedure against him, a first at the federal level.

According to the law on the organization of the criminal authorities of the Confederation, a member of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Confederation (MPC) can be dismissed before the end of his period of office only in two cases. He committed a serious violation of his duties of office either intentionally or through gross negligence. It is no longer able to exercise its function over the long term.

According to the chairman of the commission Andrea Caroni (PLR / AR), both conditions could be fulfilled. There is a well-founded suspicion that Mr. Lauber seriously violated his duties of office either intentionally or through gross negligence.

The committee made its decision after hearing Mr. Lauber. The interested party left the closed face of the room and hurried to leave the places, not answering to the journalists who waited for him that a brief ‘it went very well’.

FIFA Affairs

The prosecutor risks being removed from office due to his secret meetings between the prosecutor general and FIFA president Gianni Infantino. Following a disciplinary investigation, the Supervisory Authority of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office concluded in March that the public prosecutor had committed very serious breaches before, but also during the disciplinary proceedings.

In particular, he allegedly made statements contrary to the truth, violated the duty of loyalty or obstructed the disciplinary investigation. Mr Lauber however contested the formal and substantive complaints. He also criticizes the supervisor for having committed numerous procedural errors, for exceeding its powers and for showing bias.

The supervisory authority has ordered that the prosecutor’s salary be reduced by 8% for one year. But Mr. Lauber appealed to the Federal Administrative Court and the justice has not yet decided.

Growing pressure

National Councilor Lorenz Hess (PBD / BE) has applied for dismissal from the commission, but the pressure does not stop there. At the beginning of May, the parliamentary groups of the PS and the center (PDC / PEV / PBD) invited the public prosecutor to resign on his own.

In September 2019, the prosecutor had only been narrowly re-elected for four years. The judicial commission had recommended that he not be reappointed.



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