Revva returns to the Comedy Club to save the project from "long on a stick"


The joke on the genitals took the Russians. Comedy Club is "dying", but Garik Martirosyan understood how to resurrect the project. The self-proclaimed most beautiful man on the planet will return to the scene.

The flat humor and vulgarity have become an integral feature of the once audacious and witty members of the Comedy Club. The "old guard" can not offer the Russians anything new, and their "sharpness" in the genitals, in the stupid. "heifers" and venereal diseases are more like the recognition or the citation of their medical records than an opportunity to have fun wildly. Comedy Club goes all the way, and with it, all the hopes for the development and success of new projects. changes the situation and returns the previous glory The comedy can only be a miracle, and Martirosyan has found such a miracle. Revva said live on Instagram who is returning to the Comedy Club. Rambo, Arthur Pirozhkov, megabab, and simply the most ideal person, in his indiscreet opinion, on the planet in one person, are ready to go on stage this spring, and with them new images that promise to be no less fun and bright.

Obviously, due to the new old resident, the rest will have to separate a bit. It is possible that in order to save the project from "long on a stick" and other vulgarity, which the public associates with the old characters of Kharlamov and Batrutdinov, the project management will offer many participants to leave the show. Choosing these is not difficult – just read the comments in social networks. The leader of negativity was Garik Kharlamov, who even the most loyal fans shouted: "Enough enough for Edward the Severe!" Even Timur Batrutdinov is not much better, he was "stained" by negative things about his friend, or he had really forgotten how to be funny. In any case, this pair is no longer interesting for Russians, as before.

One other thing: a great Revva. He has an abyss of ideas and he works his images down to the smallest detail and, at the end of his number, it is almost impossible to foresee it, which he can not help. His performances can be watched forever, without making a grimace from obscene and low-level jokes. Martirosyan has not lost – Revva returns the glory of Commedia.



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