"Rex Tillerson was as stupid as his feet", Trump confronts his former head of diplomacy – 20 minutes


Donald Trump and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (photomontage). – SIPA

The two men do not appreciate each other and divorce does not help. Eight months after his dismissal, Rex Tillerson criticized Donald Trump during a Thursday evening interview. And on Friday, the US president reacted violently on Twitter, assuring that the former secretary of state was "as stupid as his feet".

"Mike Pompeo does a fantastic job, I'm very proud of him, his predecessor, Rex Tillerson, did not have the necessary mental skills. [«Dumb as a rock » en V.O.] and I should have parted first. It was flabby like nothing, "wrote Donald Trump on Twitter.


The Scud does not come out of nowhere. Rex Tillerson left his usual reserve on Thursday evening, interviewed by journalist Bob Schieffer at a charity gala. "It was complicated for me, coming from a very structured company like Exxon Mobil, where you follow a process, work for a rebel man, who does not like reading, does not read his briefings, he does not often go deep into things, but who He simply prefers to say, "This is what I believe"

Last spring, NBC claimed that, privately, Rex Tillerson called Donald Trump a "jerk". The Texan did not deny the cameras and was fired the following month. Since then, his successor, Mike Pompeo, has been one of the great masters of heating with North Korea.


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