Health Rheumatism, you should avoid this row of foods if...

Rheumatism, you should avoid this row of foods if you want comfort

Rheumatism consists of various types and can infect any joints in the body.

SERAMBINEWS.COM – If the food you eat without control be aware of it can get rheumatism.

Rheumatism is a disease that causes pain due to inflammation and swelling of the muscles or joints.

Rheumatism consists of various types and can infect any joints in the body.

Launching Medical News Today, rheumatism, the immune system fails to distinguish its own tissue from foreign objects so that it attacks the body’s own tissues, especially the synovium tissue.

Synovium tissue is a thin membrane that surrounds or lines a joint.

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As a result, autoimmune disorders in rheumatic disease can cause joints to be swollen, painful, inflamed, damaged, loss of function, and can be deformed.

Rheumatism can affect almost all joints in the body, but the joints in the wrists, knuckles, knees and ankles are the most common.

Restricted food for people with rheumatism

For people with rheumatism, maintaining a healthy diet is important for good.


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