Rhinoceros, an endangered species, is born at London zoo

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A few weeks ago, in the chester zoo, England, an incredible event of great value to nature occurred: the birth of an eastern black rhinoceros, an endangered species.

The event occurred at end of October and it was recorded in a video that the zoo shared on social networks.

In the video you can see the birth of the little rhino, his attempts to stand up, his first steps and, after 10 minutes, how he feeds on his mother.

Without a doubt, a moving video that shows us the wonders of nature.

You have to see it!

According to the zoo, “The birth of an endangered eastern black rhino is always very special, and being able to see a rhino being born on camera is an incredible privilege, with the number of rhinos so low that, unfortunately, it is not something that is captured very often” .

“See the little girl stand up with a gentle push from mom; taking your first hesitant steps and sucking for the first time is the icing on the cake. It really is a comforting thing. “

Currently, the zoo is looking for a name for the little rhinoceros and invited everyone to vote for their favorite: Kasulu (city in Tanzania), Koshi (‘try’) and Kaari (‘girl’ or ‘young daughter’).

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Eastern black rhino

The birth, in addition to being proud news for the zoo for maintaining the reproduction of the spice even in captivity, is of great value for the species, since it increases the life expectancy of the species.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Eastern black rhinos are endangered, with only about 1,000 estimated to exist in Africa.

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