Riad Sattouf on dates – La Croix


1978. Birth in Paris.
1990. After living in Libya and then in Syria, he continued his studies in Brittany.
Of the year 2000. First series of comics, Small ice (Delcourt).
Of 2004. The secret life of young people, strip for Charlie Hebdo, until 2014
Of 2005. Go back to college (Hachette).
2006. series Pascal Brutale (Icy liquid), Fauve d'Or at the Angoulême Festival in 2010.
2009. Success of Beautiful children, Cesare of the best first film.
2014. series The Arabic of future (Allary Éditions), Fauve d'Or to Angouleme. 1.5 million copies of the first three volumes.
2016. The Cahiers d'Esther Posted in the OBs. They will be adapted in animated series for Canal + in 2018.


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