Ricardo Alexis, former driver of Cabify, is found guilty of the femicide of Mara Castilla

Ricardo Alexis Díaz received a conviction, but it will be until next March 12 when, at a hearing, the sentence to be served in prison is defined. The minimum sentence you can receive is 40 years.

By Magarely Hernández

Puebla, April 6 (Central Newspaper) .- Ricardo Alexis Diaz was found guilty of the femicide of Mara Fernanda Castilla. The Puebla State Attorney General’s Office verified that the then driver of Cabify beat the 19-year-old college girl, sexually assaulted her, and then strangled her to finally leave his body abandoned in Xonacatepec, wrapped in the sheet of the motel he took her to in September 2017.

After more than three months of trial, finally this day the Collegiate Court of Prosecution unanimously decided to issue a conviction against Ricardo Alexis Díaz. However, it will be next Monday, March 12, when the sentence to be paid in prison is resolved at a hearing.

However, the minimum penalty you can receive is 40 years in prison while the maximum is 60.

Mara Fernanda Castilla Miranda was 19 years old and was studying the third semester of the Political Science degree at UPAEP. Her sister reported her missing at dawn on Friday, September 8, 2017, when she left The Bronx bar, located in San Andrés Cholula, and requested a Cabify unit to return home, but she never arrived.

The driver of the Cabify unit, Ricardo Alexis N., was arrested on September 12 in Tlaxcala, but Mara’s body was found until September 15.

According to the mechanics of facts presented by the FGE, Ricardo Alexis N. took Mara to the Motel del Sur, located very close to the girl’s home. There, he sexually abused her; He killed her and then wrapped the body with a hotel sheet and dumped it in a ravine in the Santa María Xonacatepec area.

Mara’s parents mentioned that their daughter was at risk from the moment she stepped onto the platform unit. The trip was supposedly 30 minutes and Mara got home, but she never got out of the car until Ricardo Alexis got her down and brought her into a motel room.

The overwhelming evidence against Ricardo Alexis was traces of his semen on Mara’s clothes and the videos that captured him when entering and leaving the South Motel, as well as the sheet with which he wrapped Mara’s body, since it belonged to her. room he entered.

It will also be next Monday when the repair of the damage is defined; However, Gabriela Miranda and Alejandro Castilla, the victim’s parents, declared that they do not care about money, they only want Ricardo Alexis to pay every year in prison.



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