Ricardo O’Farrill returns to social networks and this is what he told his fans

After entering what seemed to be a personal crisis, the comedian Ricardo “Richie” O’Farrill finally reappeared on social networks sharing a message for all his followers, whom he had worried about after some somewhat scandalous statements about his colleagues standout.

Thus, after almost three weeks without receiving news about his state of health or about the statements he gave, Richie He returned to ensure that he is better and that he will prepare new projects. Besides, Through Twitter and Instagram, he shared a photo next to his girlfriend and her dog.

Ricardo O’Farrill returns to social networks and this is what he told his fans

The comedian gave a lot to talk about once he was kicked out of the wedding who until then had been one of his closest friends, Mau Nieto. There, videos showed Ricardo arguing with who we later learned was Daniel Sosa, while Richie seemed to be in an inconvenient state.

After that, the comedian shared some lives where he revealed sensitive information about his teammateswhich apparently would include crimes committed by some of them, pointing out that Mau Nieto and Daniel Sosa would have drugged a woman with MDMA in her glass at a party.

After this, he recorded himself discussing with staff from Aeroméxico for allegedly canceling his flight to New York at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM). There, many fans began to think that the comedian’s health was not in the best condition. For this reason, after a few more publications, he shared a message on his networks from his friends assuring that they were already taking care of him.

Finally, After that April 25, Ricardo O’Farrill He shared the photograph mentioned above, accompanied by a broad message in which he assures that his health is already improving and that he will seek to bring new projects to his life.

“I am infinitely grateful for all the messages of support, the comments and all the phone calls that I have received from each of you. […] Your dude Richie loves you.”

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