Ricciardo : “I am in F1 to be champion, if I can’t, I’ll go “.

The australian driver said that he thought he was still able to win the world championship one day : “The best always find a way to get to the top.

While Formula 1 fans have been waiting for the engines roar again, the pilots continue to make statements that are crispy. The last to do so was Daniel Ricciardo, who will leave Renault at the end of this season. He will join McLaren.

The Australian spoke about its present and its future, in statements made to the BBC : “It is frustrating that in F1, it is crucial to be in the right team at the right time. But this is like a game of chess, to know who is the best. I would like it to be black and white, that this is the same for everyone and that we can know who is the best, but this is not how it works. “

“I have the feeling that the best always find a way to get to the top. And when the new rules come into force (in 2022), we’ll know if it is always the good team “added a Ricciardo who is clear on his goal in his career as a Formula 1 driver.

Daniel Ricciardo knows what he wants : “enter in Formula 1 “ was not his only goal in life, but he wants to win a world championship before ending his career : “My goal in my career was to not only get in F1, but will eventually be a world champion.”

“I’m happy to be arrived, but I would be partially disappointed if I can’t achieve my second goal because I think I have the talent for it. The day where I will stop to believe that I can do it, I will be leaving probably the Formula 1. But for now, I still believe “said the Australian, who will be 31 years old on July 1st.


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