Ricciardo wins the Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Australian Daniel Ricciardo, a hero for the Italian Grand Prix Lilmore Formula 1Sunday, which was hosted by the famous Monza circuit, to gift a car McLaren An unexpected victory, given that all expectations were in favor of Red Bull and Mercedes, but he managed from the first laps to seize the first place and maintain it.

The Australian, who is of Italian descent, overtook his British teammate, Landon Norris, while Finn Valtteri Bottas finished in an unexpected third place after starting from last, following his penalty after changing the engine, despite having achieved the best time in official practice. And he took advantage of Sergio Perez’s five-second penalty to take him third.

This victory is the eighth in the Australian driver’s balance, and the first since his victory in the Monaco Grand Prix in 2018, the first crowning for a McLaren car since 2012, and the first time to win first and second places since 2010.

Meanwhile, excitement was renewed after the accident that killed the duo, Max Verstappen, the leader in the general classification, and his first pursuit, Lewis Hamilton, which prompted the drivers to withdraw due to the heavy damage to the two cars.

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The International Federation has not announced its final decision regarding the accident and whether it will impose penalties on one of the drivers, but what is certain that what happened in Italy will make the competition more intense later, after the previous accident caused by Hamilton and forced Verstappen to withdraw.

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