Ridiculous offers to Marc Bergevin

Even if it seems more and more to be on his departure from Montreal, Marc Bergevin is really not insensitive to what is happening with his team.

During an interview with Renaud Lavoie on Saturday, the general manager did not mince words in an attempt to explain the disappointments of the Canadiens.

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“I had sleepless nights. There are questions where it is difficult to find answers. That’s the job of a CEO to find answers to your team’s successes or failures. It is difficult to understand. I have my own theory, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right one. I have spoken to other general managers and that is a lot to what I think. Even with injuries, it’s unacceptable to have only four wins. When we look at the last game, the effort and the commitment weren’t there. You have to do a lot better than that. ”

The former defender admits he never felt his team were ready and motivated, from day one of the season.

“The training camp was average. At the start of the season, I felt that the team had no energy. The fact of having played in the final, in a difficult environment, took away the time to prepare well. I’ve seen guys who weren’t ready mentally and not ready physically. With our injuries and half the team not doing the job, it’s impossible to be successful. ”

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Despite everything, Bergevin refuses to blame Dominique Ducharme for his team’s nightmarish start to the season.

“When I see a team that can’t make a ten-foot pass, no matter how much I brought Scotty Bowman here, it’s not because of the coach. A team’s confidence can take it far into the playoffs, when you believe you can win. When it goes badly, it goes on the other side. “

At the transaction level, the CEO maintains that now is not the time to move. He even admits to receiving ridiculous offers from some teams.

“It would have been easy to make a bad one, with the things that have been presented to me in the last few weeks. There is nothing coming up right now that will help the Montreal Canadiens. I will not do anything to mortgage the future. Even though this is my last year on the contract, I’m not going to start doing anything for myself. I have too much of the organization to do that. I’ll be patient, our team is better than a team of just four wins. It’s up to them to do the job right now. ”

See the interview in the video above.


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