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Riga “Dinamo” defender Eliss: It can’t play in this league – KHL – Hockey

Riga “Dinamo” season further away tours in the second game on Wednesday with the result 1:2 (0:1, 0:1, 1:0) conceded Khabarovsk “Amur”, suffering a fourth loss this season in five games KHL.

Amur hockey players, on the other hand, achieved their first success this season. The Khabarovsk team stopped a series of six losses.

The only goal for the people of Riga was scored by the 28-year-old Canadian defender Eliss, for whom it was the first accurate shot of the season KHL.

For Elis, this is the second season of KHL. He spent the previous season at the hockey club “Sochi”.

“We worked hard today. We didn’t win the game due to a couple of small mistakes. It can’t be played in this league – mistakes are not forgiven,” Eliss was quoted as saying on the club’s website.

Riga “Dinamo” goalkeeper Ilya Proskurjakov repelled 23 out of 25 shots.

“Ilya [Proskurjakovs] played fantastic, he kept us in the game. You have to take your chances, then the result would be more pleasant, “said the Canadian defender.

Eliss scored at the end of the third period, reaching a score of 1: 2 four and a half minutes before the end of the regular time of the match.

“[Deniss] Parshin is a very skilled hockey player. He created this moment, so I was able to throw the goal. All I had to do was throw in the goal. The same should be praised [Zeks] Michel with his work. This goal gain was a joint effort. “

Eliss spent the most time on the ice in the Riga “Dinamo” team – 20 minutes and 39 seconds.

“I feel very good, we worked hard in training, so there would be no reason to complain. We feel even better with each game. Of course, the time zone difference with Riga is big, but it cannot be used as an excuse. We live in Riga time. should use their goal-scoring opportunities on the pitch, then there would be completely different emotions right now. “

Meanwhile, Riga striker Patrick Zabusov expressed that the team did not succeed in this match.

“The game was fierce and difficult at times. Both teams had a chance to score. Hockey is a game of luck, we didn’t succeed today.”

The trip to Riga “Dinamo” will end on Friday in Kazakhstan, where at 14.00 The Latvian team will compete with the local Nursultan “Baris”.

Riga “Dinamo” and “Baris” have already met once this season. At the beginning of the season, the Rigans gave in to their opponents on their field with the result 2: 3.

“They have a good team. We have to use our majority abilities. We have masters who know it. We have to play with full dedication and we will have the opportunity to end the trip with a victory,” added Eliss.

It has already been reported that Riga “Dinamo” sowed a three-goal advantage in the third third on Monday and suffered a loss in the first away game of the season, overtime or 3: 4 recognizing the superiority of Novosibirsk “Sibirj”.



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