Right before the 3rd tour! Liella! 2nd Generation Photo & Interview ③ Shiki Wakana / Wakana Okuma | Febri

Before the broadcast, I was surprisingly calm

――It’s been a while since the 2nd season of the TV anime aired, how did you feel before it started?
big bearSince I was in elementary school, I had a dream of becoming a voice actor, so it was the moment when that dream came true. However, at that time, I thought that if my dream came true, I would be more excited and shout out “Wow! mosquito. “Ah, it’s about to start,” I calmly waited for the broadcast.

–Okuma-san’s Love Live! How did you come across the series?
big bearThere was a classmate in junior high school who was an enthusiastic fan, and he was wandering around the classroom saying the catchphrases of μ’s members.

――How should I put it… you are a unique classmate (laughs).
big bearYes (laughs). But she was a funny girl, so she was popular in the class. When I saw it, I wondered, “What is it?” came out and said, “This is what you mean.” But at that time, I only knew about the existence of the work, so it felt like we met again at the audition.

――It is a strange fate that you will be appearing in the works of that series later.
big bearI was surprised when it was decided. Originally, I felt that being a voice actor was attractive because I could act without showing my face, so I wondered if it would be okay to stand on stage and sing and dance in my first appearance. There was also. Perhaps that unpredictability made me calm before the broadcast.

“Feelings like parents” that have been welling up in the live scene

— Speaking of Shiki’s turn in the play, I think episode 4 will be the focus, but are there any scenes or lines that stick in your mind?
big bearIn the scene where Shiki reminisces about her junior high school days, she says, “I’ve always been alone. There was a feeling of falling. The fact that being alone has become a daily routine for the person who is half unaware of it has become a “natural” thing made my heart hurt a little, and I felt a strong desire to be close to him. I’m also not good at group activities, and before I knew it, the teachers thought I was a “weird kid”.

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――Once you get into the “weird child” position in a group, you might get used to the comfort of being there.
big bearThat’s right. It’s like you don’t try to change things yourself. I’ll do whatever I want at my own pace, so I’ve grown to feel that everyone should do as well. There is a place where I overlap with myself, and that may be why that line resounded.

――From episode 1 to 12, where do you think the four seasons have changed the most?
big bearSpeaking of strange, I was a strange child from the beginning (laughs). In terms of changes, you might be able to understand it better if you watch the live scene. The first time Shiki stood on stage was “Vitamin SUMMER!” In “Sing! Shine! Smile!” (Episode 10), she smiles carefree. I thought it was really cute and was very happy to see it. I felt like a parent (laughs).

–I see. In addition to the scenes depicted in the main story, I can imagine that there were interactions with various members and the accumulation of those interactions.
big bearI agree. Even outside of live performances, he’s a child who shows a lot of different expressions when he talks with everyone. Also, he doesn’t seem to care much about the barrier between seniors and juniors, and I was watching while thinking that he’s the type to talk to everyone without being afraid.

――Are there any lines or scenes from members other than Shiki that you like?
big bearIn Episode 3, Kanako-chan stands on the stage for the first time at the School Idol Festival. When I heard Kuku-chan encourage Kinako-chan, saying, “Failure is preparation for success!” It’s also the lyrics of “Hajime wa Kimi no Sora” (Liella!’s debut song), and I was really moved that it was used in this scene.

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I want to see the four seasons told on my back

――What kind of activities would you like to see Shiki in the third season of the TV anime that has been decided to be produced?
big bearAfter all, I think that juniors can do it, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of seniors they will do (laughs). I can’t even imagine it. I would like to see new inventions. If possible, it would be nice to have something useful for Liella!’s activities… Most of the things that appeared in the 2nd season of the TV anime were suspicious overall (laughs).

――By the way, what kind of image does Okuma-san have of “senpai”?
big bearAfter all, it’s like speaking from the back, or rather, it’s a position to watch over without putting too much pressure. I myself don’t really like having a strong hierarchical relationship, so it would be nice if I could become a senior junior who can treat each other with respect while working together on an equal footing.

――I feel like Shiki is going to be a senior who talks behind his back.
big bearis that true? It’s true that it’s usually quiet, so maybe that’s the case. Then, please look forward to Shiki-chan, who speaks behind her back (laughs).endmark

<!– 第4回は12月1日公開 –>
Part 4 will be released on December 1st

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